Winners in business are not quitters

Author: Charlie Mullins

Categories: Business Growth, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Leadership, Top entrepreneurs
It is difficult to know the best time to start a business as Charlie Mullins discusses in this TV show.

Entrepreneurship Strategy

We have a situation at the moment where obviously tines are tough out there and money is tight. there is still a lot of youngsters that want to succeed in life, well you know, for me, you know they often ask when is the best time is when you are ready for it. Forget the economy, forget the climate at the moment. If you have a product and you are all ready to go with it, go with it. But it is not an easy ride and probably what I would say to people is I have never met a successful person in business who hasn't worked hard to achieve it. Another great tip is, quitters are not winners and winners are not quitters.
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